Program Information

General Overview

SIMR is an 8-week summer internship program open to high school juniors and seniors. The program consists of hands-on research under the direct guidance of a one-on-one mentor at a top class lab within the Institutes of Medicine at Stanford University as well as select departments. 

Students applying to the program can choose from our eight areas of research (institutes). After being accepted, they are then assigned to a specific institute based on their choices. To learn more about each institute and the research involved, click on the links to the department websites below.

Another option students in SIMR have is participating in the bioengineering bootcamp. This is a hands-on learning experience in bioengineering that does not involve a lab research component.





Cancer Bio

Cancer Biology


Stem Cell

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine                               



Cardiovascular Biology




Genetics and Genomics


Bioengineering Team Internship

The SIMR Bioengineering Team Internship is a hands-on design experience in bioengineering for high school students. Students attend lectures on a diverse set of bioengineering research topics through lectures and work for 3 days a week (Wed/Thurs/Fri; 9-4 pm) on a real-world biodesign project which addresses a medical need. The tentative dates for the bioengineering internship are June 13th to August 4th. Students in teams of 4-5 will practice their own engineering and critical thinking skills when they develop solutions, evaluate technical pros/cons, build prototypes, and test certain aspects of their creations. A teaching team of undergraduate and graduate students teaches the design process, recruits lecture speakers, provides mentorship, and holds design reviews for the students. At the conclusion of the program, student teams will present their prototypes at the SIMR poster session on Thursday evening, August 4th.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be current juniors or seniors as of Fall 2021 and must also be at least 16 years old by the start of the program. There is no fee for participating in the Bioengineering Internship besides the application fee. Students must also attend the orientation on the first day of the program (June 13th).

Visit the Bioegineering Internship website for more information.