This summer has been full of learning and experiences that I would have never been a part of if I had not participated in this internship. People my age do not commonly come across opportunities like this where we are given the opportunity to do hands on medical research with very intelligent and hardworking people. I am very grateful that I was able to intern in a lab and really get the feel for what a career in research would look like for my own eyes.

After this internship I have gained insight on many things. I realize how time-dependent research is and that things do not always turn out how expected but that just opens the door for more improvement and for more questions to be asked. Conducting research really takes a certain type of person: someone who is very tenacious and determined to never give up and keep going no matter how long it takes to get an answer.

Now that I know how real medical research is like I have a slightly clearer answer for what I might want to pursue in the future. I have always loved science and this internship opportunity has just reaffirmed that admiration. However, with that being said, I am not completely sure that research is the right field of choice for me. I enjoyed my time in the lab but I think I want more interaction with helping others directly through science. Medical research is a way of helping others but you don’t get quick results in seeing how you are directly helping others. That is why now I think I will pursue a career in medicine either in human or veterinary medicine. I believe that being a doctor or a veterinarian will cater to both my love of science and helping others. This internship was an amazing once in a lifetime experience and I cannot wait to keep learning more about science and biology to embark on a fulfilling lifelong career in a scientific field.