Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program


NOTE: This information is for last year's program and is subject to change. Please do not contact us regarding the information on this page.

Program Dates: June 10th - August 2nd, 2013

1) ELIGIBILITY: Students must be current juniors or seniors at the time of application (as of Feb. 2013). Students must be in the graduating class of 2013 or 2014 and must also be 16 years old at the start of the program on June 10th, 2013. BOTH class and age requirements must be met according to University regulations. Students must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

2) PROGRAM DATES AND ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS: The program dates for the summer of 2013 are June 10th - August 2nd (8 weeks). There will be a mandatory orientation and safety session on Monday, June 10th, 2013. According to University regulations, all students must attend this orientation/safety session in order to participate in the program. Students will also be required to attend all 8 weeks of the program. Admitted students whose schools end later than the start date must make arrangements with their schools ahead of time to take finals before the program begins in order to participate. Students will also not be allowed to take time off during the program to participate in other programs, conferences or other trips during the 8 week program.

3) HOUSING/TRANSPORTATION: Please note that the program does NOT offer housing/transportation/meals. Unfortunately, the program also legally cannot assist with finding housing placements for students. We will accept applications from out-of-state students, but for those who are not from the local area and will not be living at home, you must specifically state on the online application what housing arrangements you will make for your stay during the program. Once selected for the program, you will need to provide proof of housing and will also need to let us know with whom you will be staying (via an email or letter) within a week of your selection notification. We encourage students to stay with relatives or close family friends in the Bay Area as finding sublets or other housing arrangements is extremely difficult to make, especially if you are under the age of 18. You must stay with a responsible adult who will be in charge of your housing/transportation/evening supervision and care during the program as the program cannot be responsible for these areas.

4) ONLINE APPLICATION AND FEE: The online application will be available on our website on December 1st, 2012. The deadline for submission is February 24th, 2013. Announcements regarding acceptances will be made the first week of April. The application fee will be $25. The online application will consist of the following:

1. General information (list of activities, math/science grades, standardized test scores (if available))

2. An uploaded electronic copy of an unofficial or official high school transcript

3. The email address of the teacher who will submit a letter of recommendation online (a science or math teacher is preferred but a letter from a teacher from a different subject will also be accepted). Only 1 letter may be submitted and it must be from a teacher from your high school.

4. Response essays to two prompts

5) STANDARDIZED TESTS: Standardized tests are NOT required to apply but we do encourage students to submit PSAT scores, SAT I or II scores and other standardized test scores if available.

Important Dates

Program Dates: June 10 - August 2, 2013
Online Application Available: December 1st, 2012
Application Due: February 24, 2013
Notification of Selected Students: First week of April, 2013

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